You are the first matter of importance for Global Tax Centre

Global Tax Centre is incorporated by Dennis Michels. The mission of Global Tax Centre is to advise and assist clients in a proper and professional way on ALL issues regarding global mobility. To accomplish this mission building up a personal relationship with clients based on reliability, integrity, transparency and continuity is required.

Most important factor for a successful long term partnership is to meet each other’s expectations. Therefore, before starting a business relationship it is very important for Global Tax Centre to have a general introduction meeting with each other. In this meeting we will make an inventory of your needs and expectations. Based on the conclusion of this we will advise you with all relevant services. This meeting will be without any obligations and is totally free of charge. We hope to achieve a coming long-term (personal) client relationship where of course you as client are the first matter of importance.

Global Tax Centre acts as your sparring partner and offers high quality tailor-made advice whereby transparency is a key factor. For every sort of client we charge the same competitive price. Our flexible organisation structure enables us to offer our services at prices lower than most other (international) consulting firms in the global mobility / expatriate sector. Nevertheless, the quality of Global Tax Centre’s services should be first!Kantoor Global Tax Centre
To provide you with the best services we use our own independent international network. This global network involves more than 70 countries. We are fully independent and flexible, so that we can always offer the best solution to you. Of course you have always the possibility to let us cooperate with a consultant in any country of your own choice.

The client portfolio of Global Tax Centre varies from private clients (cross-border workers / frontiers, top athletes) to reputable companies in the large SME segment and multinationals. Because integrity and reliability are fundamental for our relationship with our clients, we are not willing to mention names of our clients.